Associate Assistants

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Associate Assistants


Associate Assistants


Associate Assistants

Associate Assistants
Associate Assistants
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Mr. Mohammad Salehi Nejad
Name & Family : Mr. Mohammad Salehi Nejad

Side in Asiatech: Planning and Strategy Assistant

Sub groups: 1.Strategic Planning Unit  2- Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Unit 3- Customer Relations Unit 4-BI 5-Regulatory



Mr. Seyed Iman Golrokh Moghadam
Name & Family : Mr. Seyed Iman Golrokh Moghadam

Side in Asiatech:  Support Assistant

Sub groups: 1-Operation and Operation Management 2-Support management


Mr. Mohammad Babaei
Name & Family : Mr. Mohammad Babaei

Side in Asiatech: Business Assistant

Sub groups: 1-Marketing and brand 2-Sales representatives 3-Sales ​​IDC and ISDP 4-Direct selling 5-Publilc Relations 6-Product Portfolio 7-Enterprise Business Development General

E-Mail: mo.babaei@asiatech

Ms. Bagheri
Name & Family : Ms. Bagheri

Side in Asiatech: Executive Assistant

Sub groups: 1-Human resources devlopment 3-Executive Management


Mr. Alieza Abbasi
Name & Family : Mr. Alieza Abbasi

Side in Asiatech: IT Assistant

Sub groups: 1. Software development and infrastructure    2. Software systems support


Mr. Mohammad Jahangirian
Name & Family : Mr. Mohammad Jahangirian

Side in Asiatech: Finance Assistant

Sub groups: 1. Finance management 2. Management Accounting